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Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader with CereVoice (ZBUHTTS20)

Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader with CereVoice

Zabaware now offers the Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader with CereVoice. CereVoice utilizes advanced text to speech technology to achieve voices that sound real and have character. Check out the demo and sample recordings yourself:


  Voice Name Nationality Sample
  Katherine US English MP3   WAV

We'll offer additional CereProc voices in the near future. We also carry additional voice options by AT&T Natural Voices
Launch Interactive Demo at CereProc site
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Voices are available for only $24.95 each. The CereProc Voices we sell are currently only compatible with the Zabaware Reader application itself. We are working on an update to Ultra Hal Assistant that will be able to use these voices. This version of Ultra Hal Assistant will be released later this year. The voices are NOT SAPI compatible and will not work with other third party programs. If you want CereProc voices that are SAPI compliant you may order them directly from CereProc. The CereProc voices Zabaware offers for sale here are offered at a discount but only work with Zabaware products.

Price $24.95 per voice

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